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Birthograophies® artfully weave

video interviews & candid moments

from baby prep, pregnancy, labor, delivery & afterglow

into a full-length family time capsule


Like a professional wedding video

a birthography® beautifully captures

this unique chapter in your life

and tells your personal story

in a thoughtful, stylish, loving way



producer / director / editor / photographer

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Brandy Menefee

is a documentary style storyteller

who grew up in a house

that gave out walnuts

on Halloween

She has chronicled chefs,

storm chasers,

the Amish,

life-saving rats in Africa,

women giving birth in America,

photographed celebrities

on production sets & stages,

and directed Channing Tatum

in tear-away pants

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Her digital & TV producing resumé

includes documenting couples 

during their first year of marriage

for Newlyweds: The First Year

She directs, produces, shoots & edits

every birthography® to tailor fit

each family's story & personality


Brandy started Delivery Day Films

after documenting a friend's birth story

She easily connects with

 the most camera-shy clients

and creates a warm, safe space

for people to be themselves

Brandy feels her most

soul-fulfilling work has been

helping families create 

time capsule stories

to share with future generations

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